PSYB32H3 Chapter 7: Chapter 7 Notes

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Pain disorder: psychological factors on the onset and maintenance of pain. Body dysmorphic d: preoccupation with imagined/exaggerated defects in personal app. Hypochondriasis: preoccupied with fears of having a serious illness. Conversion disorder: sensory/motor symps w/o any physiological cause. Somatization: multiple physical complaints with no bio. basis. In dissociative disorders, person experiences disruptions in memory/identity. Somato can come in two forms 1) distress in the form of anxiety and depression. Hypochondriacs usually overreact to simple sensations in the body. Frequent visitors of clinics, likely have mood/anxiety disorders. Sudden loss of visual or paralysis [anesthesias]. Conversion is hard to distinguish from malingering. fakes to escape a responsibility. La belle indifference is when you hide your openness about your disease to avoid the risk of ruining your lie. Facticious disorder is when the individual wants to assume to role of a patient for no good reason and fakes a disease/disorder. [briquet syndrome now referred to as] somatization disorder: