PSYB32H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 9: Interpersonal Psychotherapy, Playgirl, Endorphins

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24 Jun 2012

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These disorders only appeared in the dsm for the first time in 1980 as one subcategory of disorders beginning in childhood or adolescence. Stat canada 2002, 0. 5% of canadians 15 yrs of age or older reported that they had been diagnosed with an eating disorder in the preceding 12 months. Women were more likely than men to report an e. d ---0. 8% vs 0. 2% Among young women aged 15-24 1. 5% reported that they had an e. d. Eating disorders can cause long term psychological, social and health problems. Hospitalization rates are highest among young women in the 15-24 age range. Rates are also highest among those ages 10-14 and 20-24. The diagnoses of these two disorders share several clinical feautures the most imp being an intense. Co-twins of patients diagnoses with a. n for ex are themselves more likely than average to have. Ms. a had a. n. anorexia refers to loss of appetite and nervosa indicates that this is for emotional.