PSYB32H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 16: Dementia, Neuroplasticity, Ageism

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3 Aug 2016
PSYB32 Chapter 16 Key Terms
Age effects: consequences of being a give chronological age
Ageism: discrimination against anyone young or old, based on chronological
Alzheimer’s disease: a dementia involving a progressive atrophy of cortical
tissue and marked by memory impairment, involuntary movements of limbs,
occasional convulsions, intellectual deterioration, and psychotic behaviour
Cognitive reserve hypothesis: the notion that high education levels delay
the clinical expression of dementia because the brain develops backup or
reserve neural structures as a form of neuroplasticity
Cohort effects: the consequences of being born in a given year and having
grown up during a particular time period with its own unique pressures,
problems, challenges, and opportunities.
Cross-sectional studies: a study in which investigatory compare different
age groups at the same moment in time on the variable of interest
Delirium: means “out of track.” A “clouded state of consciousness: in which
patients have a great trouble concentrating and focusing attention and
cannot maintain a coherent and directed stream of thought.
Dementia: a general descriptive term for gradual deterioration of
intellectual abilities to the point that social and occupational functions are
impaired. Most prominent symptom is memory lapses. A.K.A. “senility”
Longitudinal studies: researchers select a cohort and periodically retest the
cohort using the same measure over a number of years. Designed to allow
researches to tract individual patterns of consistency or change over time
(cohort effects.) and to analyze how behaviour in early life relates to
behaviour in old age.
Neurofibrillary tangles: abnormal protein filaments present in the cell
bodies of brain cells in patients with Alzheimer’s disease
Paraphrenia: the term used to describe schizophrenia that has its onset
during old age
PSYB32 Ch. 16 Key Terms
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