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Chapter 7

PSYB45H3 Chapter 7: PSYB45 - WEEK 7

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Jessica Dere

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Chapter 15 & 16
Chapter 15: Respondent and Operant Conditioning Together
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Operant-Respondent Interactions
An example of a behavior sequence that involves both eg. a small child
runs to pet a large dog no fear of dogs, but If the dog playfully
knocks the child down. The child will begin crying & feel pain and
Now a stimulus (seeing a dog) that was previously not a CS for a
particular response (crying/fear behavior) has come to be one because
eit was paired with a US (suddenly being knocked down) that did elicit
a response
Respondent and Operant Components of Emotions
Emotion researchers recognize that there are several sides or
components to any emotion
There is:
o The feeling component, which is internal, private & subjective
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o An overt, public and objective component
The role of respondent & operant conditioning is examined in 4 areas:
1. The reaction that one feels during the experience of an
2. The way that one learns to outwardly express or disguise
3. How one becomes aware of and describes one’s emotions
The Respondent Component: Our feelings
Autonomic reflexes controlled by the nervous system
Some respondent behaviors are also a part of skeletal reflexes (motor
Nearly every organ and gland controlled by the ANS is susceptible to
respondent conditioning
An Operant Component: Our actions
The operant component of emotions depends on each individual’s
The displays of emotion vary from person to person and from culture to
Another operant component: Our awareness and descriptions
Operant conditioning is also involved when we are taught to be aware
of and describe our emotions
As we grow up, people around us teach us to label our emotions
labelling doesn’t always have access to emotion-causing events, inner
feelings and relevant operant behaviors.
This contributes to inconsistencies in the way that we talk about
Some causes of emotions
Presentation and withdrawal of reinforcers and presentation and
withdrawal of aversive stimuli produce 4 emotions.
Presentation of reinforces produces joy
Withholding or withdrawing reinforcers produces anger
Presentation of aversive stimuli causes anxiety
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WEEK 7 Chapter 15 16 Chapter 15: Respondent and Operant Conditioning Together
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