PSYB45H3 Chapter 22: Chapter22

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Token economy- reinforcement system in which conditioned reinforcers called tokens are delivered to people for desirable behaviours: the tokens are later exchanged for backup reinforcers. Token- something that can be given to another person and accumulated by that person. It s a conditioned reinforcer because it is given to the person after a desirable behaviour. Backup reinforcer- client receives tokens for desirable behaviour and exchanges a specified number of tokens for any of a variety of backup reinforcers. Purpose of a token economy is to strengthen desirable behaviours in clients. Limiting access to the backup reinforcers increases their reinforcing value because a relative state of deprivation is established. The change agent should always deliver the tokens immediately after the desirable target behaviour. Response cost is easier to implement in a token economy because the recipient has accumulated tokens that may be removed contingent on the occurrence of the problem behaviour.