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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Book notes

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Zachariah Campbell

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Behavior modification: chapter 1
Introduction to behavior modification
oIt is what people do or say.
oIt is not a static characteristic and is described with action verbs
There are dimensions that can be measured:
oFrequency=( you count the number of times a behavior occurs)
oDuration=( how long the behavior lasts)
oIntensity=( the physical force of a behavior)
It can be observed, described , and recorded by others
It can have an impact on the environment
Behavior is lawful: its occurrence is systematically influenced by environmental
Behavior may be over or covert:
oOvert behavior:
Is an action that can be observed and recorded by a person other than
the one engaging in the behavior.
oCovert behavior:
Also called private events
Are not observable to others.
Ex: thinking
Recap :Characteristics of behavior
Is what people do or say
Have one or more dimensions
Can be observed , describes and recorded
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Behavior modification: chapter 1
Have an impact on the environment
It is lawful
Maybe overt or covert
Defining behavior modification
Behavior modification:
Is the field of psychology concerned with analyzing, and modifying human
oAnalyzing means:
Identifying the functional relationship between environmental
events and a particular behavior to under the reason for
behavior or to determine why person behaved as he or she did
oModifying means:
Developing and implementing procedures to help people
change their behavior.
It involved changing environmental events so that they
influence behavior.
Characteristics of behavior modification
1.Focus on behavior:
These procedures are designed to change behavior, not a personal
characteristic or trait.
So it deemphasizes labeling
oEx: behavior mod. Is not used to change autism” (label)But its used
to change problems behavior exhibited by children with autism.
Target behavior:
oIn behavior modification it is the behavior that one wants to modify
( change)
Behavioral excess:
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