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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Book Notes

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Zachariah Campbell

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Chapter 2: Observation and Recording behavior
One of the most important things to behavior modification is to measure the
behavior that is targeted for change.
Behavioral assessment:
It is the measurement of the target behavior
There are two types of assessments:
1.Indirect assessment:
oInvolves using interviews, questionnaires and rating scales to obtain
information on the target behavior from the person exhibiting the behavior or
from others.
2.Direct assessment
o A person observes and records the target behavior as it occurs.
Direct assessment is more accurate than indirect assessment because in direct the person
is trained to look for a particular behavior.
Steps needed for behavior recording plan:
1.Defining the target behavior
2. Determining the logistics of recording
3. Choosing a recording method
4. Choosing a recording instrument.
Defining the target:
When defining the target you need to have IOR:
Interobserver reliability:
When two or more people independently observe the same behavior and both record
that their behavior occurred. It is IOR.
The logistics of recording:

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Chapter 2: Observation and Recording behavior
The observer:
Usually the observer is a person other than the one exhibiting the behavior (ex.
They must be in close proximity to the person with the behavior
In some cases , people are asked to record themselves
o When client observes and records his or her own target behavior.
When and where to record:
Observation period:
The observer records the target behavior in a specific period.
Natural setting:
Consists of the places in which the target behavior typically occurs.
Contrived setting
Observing a target behavior in a clinic playroom.
Its usually not part of a childs normal daily routine.
Observation of target behavior can be structured or unstructured.
Structured observation:
When it is structured the observer arranges for specific events or activities to occur
during the observation period.
Unstructured observation:
When no specific events, activities or instruction are given during the observation
Choosing a recording method
There are many ways to record behavior here are some:
1)Continuous reading:
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