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Chapter 16

Chapter 16

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Zachariah Campbell

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Chapter 16
Antecedent Control Procedures
Antecedent control procedures antecedent stimuli are
manipulated to evoke desirable behaviors, so that they can be
differentially reinforced, and to decrease undesirable behaviors that
interfere with the desirable behaviors
Defining Antecedent Control Procedures
Involve manipulating some aspect of the physical or social environment
to evoke a desired response or to make a competing, undesirable
behavior less likely
6 procedures:
oThe first 3 use antecedent control to make it more likely that a
desirable behavior will occur
oFocus on manipulating antecedents to the desirable behavior
oShould always be used in conjunction with differential
reinforcement that will strengthen the desirable behavior once it
oThe last 3 are antecedent manipulations that make undesirable
competing responses less likely to occur
(1) Presenting the Discriminative Stimulus (SD) or Cues for the Desired
oOne reason that a desirable behavior may not occur often is that
the discriminative stimuli (SD) for the behavior are not present
in the persons environment
oTo increase likelihood of the desirable behavior, present the SD
and make cues for the desirable behavior
oAsk yourself what circumstances or stimulus conditions you
could arrange that would have stimulus control over the
oBy presenting the SD or cues for the behavior, you are arranging
the right conditions for the behavior to occur
oYou arrange the SD or cues for the behavior by changing some
aspect of the physical or social environment
(2) Arranging Establishing Operations for the Desirable Behavior
oEstablishing operation an environmental event or biological
condition that changes the value of a stimulus as a reinforcer
oWhen an establishing operation is present, the behavior that
results in that stimulus is evoked (more likely to occur)
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