Chapter 23

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Published on 20 Apr 2011
Chapter 23
Behavioral Contracts
Defining the Behavioral Contract
A behavioral contract is a written agreement between two parties in
which one or both parties agree to engage in a specified level of a
target behavior or behaviors
Furthermore, the contract states the consequence that will be
administered contingent on the occurrence (or nonoccurrence) of the
Components of a Behavioral Contract
5 essentials components of a behavioral contract:
oIdentify the target behaviors
Define clearly the target behaviors involved in the
The target behaviors must be stated in clear, objective
Target behaviors may include undesirable behaviors to be
decreased, desirable behaviors to be increased, or both
oStating how the target behaviors will be measured
The clients must be able to prove that the target
behaviors did or did not occur so that the contingencies
can be implemented correctly
Therefore, at the time the contract is written, the clients
and the contract manager must agree on the method for
measuring the target behavior
Acceptable methods include permanent products of the
behaviors or direct observation and documentation of the
behavior by the contract manager or by an agreed-upon
third party
Other types of permanent product measures that may be
used include body weight in a contract for weight loss,
fingernail length in a contract to stop fingernail-biting
If the target behaviors are measured objectively, there can
be no ambiguity about their occurrence or nonoccurrence;
as a result, there is no conflict in implementing the
contract contingencies
oStating when the behavior must be performed
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