PSYB45H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 16: Classical Conditioning

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4 Aug 2016
Chapter 16 – Transferring Behaviour to New Settings and Making It Last: Generality of Behavioural Change
Two types of situations:
oTraining situation starting place to strengthen behaviour
oTarget situation: setting we want the behaviour to occur
Behavioural generality consist of:
oStimulus generalization; response generalization: new behaviour that is not specifically trained;
behaviour maintenance
Programming Generality of Operant Behaviour
Programming Operant Stimulus Generalization
Train in the Target Situation
Final stages of training situation similar to the target situation itself
Imagining or simulating yourself in the environment you are going to be in (final setting) and enact the
behaviour you are supposed to behave
Vary the Training Conditions
More variety of stimuli when training will increase generality
Program Common Stimuli
Simulate or create training stimuli in the training setting, and ensuring that those same stimuli will be in the
target setting
oE.g. create a dummy of your crush and say a speech of your love
Brings out desired behaviour under instructions/rules that a person can rehearse in novel situations
Correspondence training – self-mediated verbal stimuli (repeating instructions before performing behaviour)
oE.g. telling yourself repeatedly to calm down when you are going to confess
Train Sufficient Stimulus Exemplars
Using the common-element stimulus class – set of stimuli that have similar characteristics
Exemplars are items/members of that particular stimulus class
E.g. teaching a child to recognize a wide variety of dogs by labelling many dogs as “dogs”
General case programming – identifying the range of relevant stimulus situations to which a learner will
respond to, and then varying the responses. Learner’s acceptable variations are under control of samples of
relevant stimuli
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