PSYB45H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 18: Critical Role, Mirror Neuron

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4 Aug 2016
Chapter 18 – Antecedent Control: Modeling, Physical Guidance and Situational Inducement
Modeling: sample of given behaviour is demonstrated for an individual to engage a similar behaviour
Modelling affects everyone, not just children b/c we observe others.
Following rules capitalize these factors for modelling
Arrange Peers to be Models
People more likely to imitate those who are similar to them; more likely to imitate b/w friends/peers
Video modelling – showing video-recorded displays of desirable behaviour (effective for children w/ autism)
oThere can be a video of yourself performing the behaviour correctly
Video modelling to teach social skills is just as effective as learning with peers
Arrange for Modelled behaviour to be seen to be Effective
Let them know the modelled behaviour has merit and will receive reinforcement
Individuals of high status often emit effective behaviours
Multiple Models
Multiple people modelling a particular behaviour will influence the learner to do the same
Increase of models = increase of stimulus exemplars, therefore increases generalization of behaviour
Combine Modelling with Rules
Behavioural Rehearsal/Role-Playing – client rehearses particular behaviours in practice setting, so it can be
applied in the real world
Combine instructions, modelling, behavioural rehearsal, consequence management to enhance performance
Guidelines for Modelling
Select models (friends/peers)  use >1 model  combine rules w/ modelling  learner watch the model perform
and receive reinforcement  design training so that modelled behaviour will reinforced in natural environment 
if complex, hen modelling sequencing should be easy to difficult approximations  modelling scenes should be
realistic  use fading so natural stimuli can take over
Physical Guidance
Typically only one component of teaching
Used to aid for teaching individuals to follow instructions or model a behaviour so that later on, you would not
need physical prompting (fading)
Start using simple imitations when using physical guidance, then add on to it (like dancing)
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