PSYB45H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 30: Abusive Power And Control, Therapeutic Relationship, Uptodate

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13 Aug 2016
Chapter 30
- The term “behaviour modification” can evoke negative reactions
- We react to the idea of others controlling us and our behaviour
- Ethics: Standards of behaviour developed by a culture to promote its own survival A very
behavioural definition
- Ethical guidelines are an important source of behavioural control when immediate reinforcers
influence individuals to behave in a way that leads to aversive stimuli for others
- When members of the same culture learn to follow the same ethical guidelines, the guidelines
exert rule-governed control over behaviour
Arguments against deliberately controlling behaviour
- Some argue that all attempts to control the behaviour of another individual are unethical
- Behaviour modifier response: All helping professions involve some behavioural control, as part
of efforts to change behaviour, even if it is not labelled as such
- The reality of behaviour control on the part of professionals highlights the need for ethical
Ethical considerations in behaviour modification
- Psychologists and other therapists must abide by relevant ethical guidelines
- Qualifications
oMust receive appropriate training, with appropriate supervision
oMust remain up-to-date with procedures and programs
- Definition of what is a “problem” and selection of therapeutic goals
oGoals should be consistent with basic rights of the client
oTherapists must be aware of their own values and beliefs
oAs much as possible, client must be an active participant in the identification of goals
and target behaviours
oExample of “Conversion therapy”
- Selection of treatment method
oUse the most effective, empirically-validated methods with the least discomfort and
fewest negative side effects
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