PSYB57H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Attentional Blink, Parietal Lobe, Visual Search

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Define attention and understand how it involves selecting some information for further processing while inhibiting the processing of other information (pp. Attention is the process that, at a given moment, enhances some information and inhibits other information. Understand the difference between failures of selection in space and failures of selection in time (pp. Failure of selection in space: unable to process all information given at once. Change blindness: failure to detect changes in the physical aspects of a scene. (eg. ask pedestrian direction two people carrying a door walks between change person notice?) Change deafness: miss changes between voices in an auditory scene. We select particular information to process and ignore other information present. Changes of central interest can be noticed much faster than marginal interest . Our attention is driven and controlled via top-down processing, which and change in a flexible and dynamic manner. This allows attention to extract critical information from a flood of input.