PSYB57H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Long-Term Memory, Computer Data Storage, Hard Disk Drive

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Explain the concept of working memory, and how it fits within a computer metaphor (pp. Working memory: short term mental storage and manipulation operations (eg. phone number, tip, directions) Temporarily hold information, making those information high assessable. Computer: 2 ways to store information (hard disk, random-assess memory (ram)) Information stored permanently in a stable and reliable form. To use this information, you must retrieve it from the hard disk and load it into ram. Hard disk = ltm, ram = working memory. Working memory is a temporary workspace, ram is cleared and reset when task has been executed. Ram is completely flexible with regard to content, any program can access any part of ram. More ram = more complex programs can run on it, the more programs can run on it. Detail the history of the study of working memory, beginning with william james"s primary memory and. Primary memory = short term memory = working memory.