PSYB57H3 Chapter 10: Chapter 10

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The nature of problem solving: problem is a situation where there is no apparent, standard or routine way of reaching a goal. Often there is difficulty in the pathway to the goal that has to be overcome: problem solving requires surmounting obstacles to achieve a goal, routine situations with routine answers are not considered problems. Choose a course of action that will make it possible to achieve the goal: problem solving makes use of memory, attention and perception. The structure of a problem: at a basic level, problem comprises of 3 parts: i. Initial state/start state; where you face the problem that has to be solved. It includes the initial state, the goal state and all the possible intermediate states. Strategies and heuristics: algorithm is a set of procedures for solving a problem that will always produce the correct answer. 2 www. notesolution. com: heuristic is a rule of thumb" way of solving the problem.