PSYB65-Chapter 12 Notes

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Chapter 12- Humans, Human Brains and Evolution
Evolution of Humans
x Evolutionary psychology
o an approach to studying psychology where the principles of
evolution is used to explain human behaviour
o relatively new field and not so widely accepted
x 3 concepts that helped Darwin and Wallace come up with the
historical theory of evolutionary (some changes to the theory
occurred since then)
o 1. Classification of organisms (Linnaeus)
o 2. Lyell and Smith-geologists. Strata moves from primitive to
less primitive
o 3. Malthus-food supplies affect populations
x Historical theory of evolution
o Theory of evolution summarized by 3 terms
Variation (we vary in height)
Inheritance (the height we are was passed from
Differential reproduction (if environment changed in
favour of short ppl, more short ppl would result)
x The driving mechanism behind these
changes=natural selection
o Trait that give advantage will result in
magnification in population
x Adaptation
o When a trait results in a reproductive
advantage and is selected for
o Must be inherited from one generation to
the next
o Á]v[^µÀ]Ào]_Z}Ç}µov}Æo]vÀÇ
behavior i.e. why do peacocks have big, bright feathers if
Proposed another type of selection: Sexual selection
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