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Chapter 1 Notes

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Data AnalysisChapter 1Textbook NotesStatisticsA set of mathematical procedures for summarizing organizinginterpreting information2 PurposesTo summarize the inforeduce it to a set of factsfigures to communicate results w othersunderstand what happened in research studyTo come up w a just conclusion abt what happened in the research studyverify whether initial hypothesis was right or wrong based on resultsStatistics provide researches w a set of standardized techniques that are recognizedunderstood throughout the scientific communityits easy for other researchers to figure out how the conclusions were derviedPOPULATIONSAMPLESPopulation Is the set of all the individuals of interest in a particular studyImpossible to study entire population too largeresearchers select smaller more manageable group from populationlimit their studies to the individuals in the selected groupSample Is a set of individuals selected from a population usually intended to represent the population in a researchstudyCan vary in sizeThe results from the sample is then generalized back to entire populationResearchers are interested in specific characteristics of the individuals in the populationsample or theyre interested in outside factors that may influence the individualsVARIABLESDATAVariable A characteristic or condition that changes or has different values for different individualsExample of characteristics that can varyWeight height gender personalityExample of envt conditionsTemperature time of the day etcData plural are measurements or observations A data set is a collection of measurements or observations A datum singular is a single measurement or observation and is commonly called a score or raw scoreDatum the measurement obtained for each individual scoreraw scorePopulationsample does not only include individuals butcan also include scoresA sample of scores for the corresponding sample of pplePARAMETERSSTATISTICSDifference btwn parameterstatisticsParameter A characteristic that describes a populationA value usually a numerical value that decribes a population
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