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Behaviour Modification - Chapter three detailed notes

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Zachariah Campbell

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Chapter Three - Graphing Behavior and Measuring Change X-axis (abscissa) = time. Y-axis (ordinate) = level of behavior What are the 6 components necessary for a graph to be complete? 1) xy axis 2) The labels for xy axis ex, x (unit of time behavior is recorded ex days) and y (behavior and dimension being recorded ex hours of study) 3) Numbers on the yx axis ex, x (units of measurement of time) and y (units of measurement of the behavior) 4) Data Points plotted - to indicate level of behavior that occurred at each time period. Points taken from data sheet or other behavior recording instrument. Points are connected. 5) Phase Lines - Separates phases, data points are not connected across phase lines. 6) Phase Labels - Each phase is labeled at the top ex baseline and behavioral contract. What will change with different dimensions of behavior are the y axis label and the numbering on the y axis. Ex, correct answers to a students math problems. Label: percentage of correct math problems and number 0- 100 percent. Research Designs = Purpose of a research design is to determine whether the treatment (independent variable) was responsible for the observed change in target behavior (dependent variable). Independent variable is what the researcher manipulates to p
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