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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 text book notes

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Michael Inzlicht

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chapter 3 - feeling versus thinking in the activation and application of
incidental affect - arises in situations unrelated to the intergroup context
integral affect - originates within the intergroup situation and involves the
stereotyped outgroup; can also arise from merely thinking about the outgroup
chronic outgroup affect - ones stable feeling toward the outgroup
episodic outgroup affect - ones affective reaction to a specific member of the
attitude object - any idea, object, or person about which one forms an attitude
people in the ingroup are:
assumed to be more similar in beliefs
evaluated more favourably
recipients of more positive behaviour by the perceiver than are members of
found to be more attractive by the perceiver
subliminal - perception of a stimulus without conscious awareness of perceiving
the stimulus
implicit memory - unintentional, non-conscious form of memory; stimuli can be
perceived without awareness, and this information can later influence
thoughts, feelings, and behaviours
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