PSYC12H3 Chapter Notes -Cognitive Load, Uniq, Terror Management Theory

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Chapter 2: origin and maintenance of stereotypes and prejudice. Cannot simultaneously process all the available info space. Which makes sense since category labels do not require the perceiver to. Once placed into a category a lot of information can be predicted categorize the object (associated stereotypes: these associated stereotypes are automatically evoked and depend on the salient dimension (category we focus on) If you see a face, you need to categorize . and it can fall under a # of dimensions/categories (race, age, etc. Only when the perceiver wants to quickly evaluate the target in the pic. Demonstrated the effect of one"s salient groups on perception + memory for social info. Watch a discussion between blacks and whites. Recall to the specific individual not good. Vs. our ingroup which we perceive as being unique more likely be perceived stereotypically than those with fewer stereotyped characteristics. Blair 2004 study: harsher jail sentences for races with more.