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PSYC32H3 Chapter Notes -Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor, Fluoxetine

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Zachariah Campbell

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Mr. Smith was seen for a neuropsychological assessment secondary to his family and his
family practitioner believing that he might benefit from an expert opinion regarding his
current neurocognitive status.
Incident History
Mr. Smith recalled that he had been electrocuted on the job while working several years
ago. He believed that he was hospitalized for three months and had been off work for
approximately six months in total. He is reportedly happy to be back to work fulltime. As for
his current treatment, Mr. Smith later reported that he was prescribed Prozac (i.e., an SSRI)
approximately six months after his injury.
Personal History
Mr. Smith was 60 years old at the time of the evaluation. He described himself as having a
normal upbringing with no history of abuse. Mr. Smith reported that he obtained Grade 12
and then completed 1 year of formal training, which contributed to his license as an
electrician. He has been employed as an electrician ever since.
Medical History
Mr. Smith denied having any particular history of medical problems (including psychiatric
and neurological) aside from several lower back injuries over the years secondary to his
work-related activities. There was also no reported history of cardiovascular disease. As for
his family history, Mr. Smith reported that his grandfather had likely suffered from
Alzheimer’s disease or some form of dementia. Otherwise, it was unremarkable for any
history of psychiatric or neurological disease
Interview (with family members)
Mr. Smith and his family were interviewed (i.e., together and separately). His wife
corroborated his subjective description of impairments. It was also apparent that the rest of
the family was having difficulty adjusting to Mr. Smith’s transient but ongoing cognitive
difficulties. The neuropsychologist specifically detected that there was a notable degree of
fusion amongst his wife and two children.
Neurocognitive Test Findings
Domain Performance
Attention Mildly impaired
Language Above average
Memory Moderately impaired
Spatial Abilities Superior
Executive Functions Average
Motor Function Average
Overall, the obtained test findings correlated with Mr. Smith’s subjective report about his
neurocognitive strengths and weaknesses.
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