PSYC37H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 9: California Psychological Inventory

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21 Apr 2012

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Initially this test was invented to identify themes in the mind ( x-ray of the mind ) Sometimes a test is made to help practitioner attain his goal of finding something specific: using the instruments made for psychopathology may not always help. Normality and abnormality differ by in terms of grey harder to differentiate. Myers-briggs type indicator is one of the most widely employed personality tests of all time while the california psychological inventory is a strong empirical measure. Broad band test- measures full range of functioning, as opposed to limited aspects: developed in 1940s. Throughout history many have tried to fully figure out personality and define what it really is: many different approaches have their own interpretation. Dimensional is better than typological but typological is popular; no real one is better, ambiguous. Forced choice self-report inventory published in 1962. Based on carl jung"s theory of personality and using that trying to classify people.