PSYC39H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Forensic Psychology, James Mckeen Cattell, Psychoanalytic Theory

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developing and testing better ways to conduct eyewitness. studying impact of questioning style on memory. He calls these relationships psychology and the law, psychology in the law, and psychology of the law: psychology and the law is the use of psychology to examine the operation of the legal system. forensic psychologist attempt to answer these questions and communicate their findings to the legal community: psychology in the law is the use of psychology in the legal system as that system operation. knowledge can be used from above by psychologists, lawyers, judges, and others; psychologist in court providing expert testimony concerning some issues of relevance to a case. it can also be of a police officer using his knowledge of psychology in an investigation: psychology of the law is the use of psychology to examine law itself. to address these questions, a set of skills from multiple disciplines is often important and sometimes crucial.