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Chapter 1

PSYC21 - Chapter 1

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Chapter 1Introduction Theories of Social Development back then saw children as mini adultsneglected their need to learn at young age Charles Darin G Stanley Hall John B Watson Sigmund Freud Arnold Gesell CRITICAL QUESTIONS ABOUT SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT 1biological and environmental influences nature vs nurture heredity and maturation vs learning and experience both interact expression of inherited biological characteristics are shaped modified and directed by particular set of environmental circumstances 2role of childrenactive agents constantly undergoing change as result of mutual influence process transactional ongoing interchanges between social partners like parents and child across time that result in modifications of the social behaviour 3unit for studying individual child as unitshifted to social dyads pair of social partners nature of social interactions and exchanges between pairs of children or between children and parents even social triads mother father child 4development as continuous or discontinuousstage theories of developmentas children get older they move through different stages and at each new stage learn new strategies continuous viewnoticeable changes in behaviour are simply part of an ongoing series of smaller shifts thus depends on the power of the lens we use value for both transitional changes may be due to physical changes or cultural changes 5result of the situation of childperson factors vs situation factors genetic predispositions lead children to niche pick situations compatible with genetic makeup 6social development universal across cultures
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