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18 Apr 2012
Developmental Methods Chapter One
- regers to tan inability to break away from one’s own perspective to take account for
someone else’s
- others do not experience the world as we do
Steps in research program
- good ideas
othink in unusual penetrating ways about their study
- knowledge of past work
oprevent repetition
ofind new ways of doing things
othis is down through written sources (PSYCinfo) but also researchers that
are experts in their fields
- translate adequate experimental design
owhere good reliable data and conclusions can be found
- human subject approval
ocommittee has to approve that your research is ethically sound
- pilot study
ois not necessary
ogives the experimenter practice with working with particular procedures and
subject group (esp. when working with kids)
ominimize experimenter error
otest out any uncertain aspects of the procedures to make sure that they are
working as intended
- obtaining research participants
ohard to get and persuade patients esp. mothers of children
ohonest and informative
oget advice of experienced investigators on how to proceed
- testing skills
ointeracting with participants
ocarrying out study
- statistical analysis
- communication of what has been done and found
opublication in a professional journal
oclear, accurate and concise written report of the study
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