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Chapter 7

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Steve Joordens

PSYA01 Chapter 7 Learning  Learning: Acquisition of new knowledge, skills, or responses from experience that result in a relatively permanent change in the state of the learner. - Learning is based on experience - Learning produces changes in the organism - These changes are relatively permanent  Ivan Pavlov awarded the Nobel Prize in physiology in 1904 for “Salivation of Dogs”  Salivation of Dogs: Digestive process of lab animals by surgically implanting test tubes into the cheeks of dogs to measure their salivary responses to diff kinds of foods.  Classical Conditioning: occurs when a neutral stimulus produces a response after being paired with a stimulus that naturally produces a response  Unconditioned Stimulus (US) – Natural reaction  Unconditioned Response (UR) – Reflexive reaction that is reliably produced by an US  Conditioned Stimulus (CS) – A stimulus that is initially neutral and produces no reliable response in an organism  Conditioned Response (CR) – A reaction that resembles an unconditioned response but is produced by a conditioned stimulus  Acquisition: phase of classical conditioning when the CS and the US are presented together  Second-order conditioning : Conditioning where the stimulus that functions as the US is actually the CS from an earlier procedure in which it acquired its ability to produce learning  Extinction: Gradual elimination of a learned response that occurs when the US is no longer presented  S
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