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Chapter 2

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Steve Joordens

ExamNameMULTIPLE CHOICEChoose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question1The square root of the variance is called the1Asimple deviationBstandard deviationCnatural varianceDrangeEmedian variance2The systematic selection of participants in research studies to ensure that the average values of2important subject variables are similar across groups is calledAmatchingBcounterbalancingCrandomizationDblockingEsampling3When there are some extreme sources in a set of data the most representative measure of central3tendencyArangeBmeanCmedianDcorrelationEstandard deviation4A measure of central tendency is used to4Adetermine the highest and lowest scores in a set of observationsBcompare the differences in two sets of observationsCidentify each observation in a set of observationsDcalculate the amount of variability around the mean of a set of observationsEcharacterize or represent of many observations5First step in calculating the standard deviation of a set of scores is to calculate theof5those scoresAmodeBrangeCvarianceDmedianEmean16The variable that is measured in an experiment is called thevariable6AcausalBconfoundingCindependentDrelationalEdependent7In crosscultural research culture is considered anvariable which is similar to a7 variableAdependent subjectBtreatment independentCexperimental dependentDsubject confoundingEindependent biological8Inferential statistics are useful in telling researchers that the results of their experiments are8AimportantBdue to chance or notCcorrelated with the results from other researchDaffected by the confounding of variables or notErelevant to understanding some aspect of everyday life9Confounding of variables9Ais not manipulated by the experimenterBis beyond the experimenters ability to controlChas the same effect as a control groupDonly rarely affects participants performance in an experimentEis manipulated by the experimenter10The degree to which two or more independent observers agree in their ratings of a participants10behavior is called interraterAreliabilityBconsistencyCagreementDvalidityEcontrol211If we wanted to learn about the relation between peoples personalities and how much money they11make we would most likely conduct anAcorrelational studyBobservational studyCexperimentDsingleblind studyEcase study12The first step of the scientific method specifies that a researcher12Acollect the data for the studyBread the relevant literature on related experimentsCdetermine the subjects he or she would like to use in the experimentDformulate hypothetical causal relations among the variablesEdesign the study13Which of the following statements is TRUE13AParticipants in a study usually react passively to the independent variablesBParticipants generally do not try to interpret what is going on in the experimental situationCOne way to eliminate order effects in a study is to use counterbalancingDConfounding variables may be present in a study after it beginsERandom assignment assures that all participants are equally likely to be influenced by theindependent variables14If an experimental procedure produces consistent results under consistent conditions then the14procedure is said to beAvalidBstandardizedCcounterbalancedDoperationally definedEreliable15The major problem with the flawed predator recognition experiment described in the textbook15involved theAfailure to assign subjects to groups in a random orderBexperimenters original hypothesisClocation of the experimentDfailure to provide an operational definition for the dependent variableE order in which stimuli were presented to subjects3
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