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Chapter 7

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CHAPTER 7 READING NOTESNepotism forgotten information feels like its just out of reach tip of the tongue phenomenonMemory psychologists grapple 3 questionsHow does information get into memoryHow is information maintained in memoryHow is information pulled back out of memory3 key processes involved in memoryEncoding getting information inStorage maintainingRetrieval getting it outEncoding involves forming a memory codeYoure unlikely to remember something unless you make a conscious effort to do soStorage involves maintaining encoded information in memory over timeRetrieval involves recovering information from memory stores Attention focusing awareness on a narrowed range of stimuli or eventsDuring verbal information there are three progressively deeper levels of processingCraik and LockhartStructural encoding shallow processing that emphasizes the physical structure of the stimulus capital lowercase letters how things are printedPhonemic encoding emphasizes what a word sounds like naming or saying the wordsSemantic encoding emphasizes the meaning of verbal input thinking about objects and actions the words representLevels of processing theory proposes that deeper levels of processing result in longlasting memory codesSubjects memory was low after structural encoding better with phonemic encoding and highest after semantic encodingSemantic encoding can often be enhanced through a process called elaborationElaboration linking a stimulus to other information at the time of encoding reading
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