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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Steve Joordens

Chapter 1 Psychology: scientific study of the causes of behaviourfocus turned from mind to behaviour Casual event: An event that causes another event (including behaviour) to occur 1 describe it: categorize & measure behaviour; therefore, different psychologist observing same phenomena nd 2 discover the causes of behaviour we observe: the events responsible for a behaviours occurrence different categories of casual events---levels of explanation Fields of Psychology Research psychologist differ: in the type of behaviour they investigate and the casual events they analyze Ex. memory in physiological events and other will explain on environmental events Physiological: examines physiology of behaviour observing non-human animals including learning, memory, sensory processes, emotional behaviour, motivation, sexual behaviour, and sleep Comparative: studies the behaviour of members of a variety of species in an attempt to explain behaviour in terms of evolutionary adaptation to the environment inherited behavioural patterns ex. Mating, predation, aggression, defensive, and parental Behaviour analysis: studies the effect of the environmental events on behaviour learning and motivation important cause of a specific behaviour is the relationship btwn behaviour & consequent event Ex. Behaviours that produce pleasant outcomes tend be to repeated Behaviour genetics: studies role of genetics in behaviour role of genetics in behaviour --examining similarities in physical and behavioural characteristics of blood relatives, whose genes are more similar than those of unrelated individuals breeding experiments: what aspects of behaviour can be transmitted to an animals offspring www.notesolution.com
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