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Ingrid Johnsrude

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Psych Module 1 Lesson 1 Notes The Science of Psychology - psychology has origins in both philosophy and physiology - philosophers are interested in questions like “do people have free will” and “are people inherently good or evil” and in a different sense, so are psychologists - philosophers answer questions through rationalism (finding answers through reason and logic) - psychologists today have adopted more physiological approaches to answer questions posed by philosophers- but through scientific methods - a philosopher would look at reason and logic to answer questions whereas a physiologist would look at scientific methods - founding fathers of psych are Willhelm Wundt and William James, they set up the first psych lab - Wundt, von Helmholtz, Fechner and other 19c German psychologists are now considered to have followed the structuralist viewpoint, which emphasizes the elemental constituents of experience. They thought that, like bricks in a wall,
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