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Lecture 3 - Chapter 1 - The Science of Psychology

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Steve Joordens

Lecture 3- Chapter 1 - The Science of Psychology The Biological Roots of Psychology If all the nerves start from the brain then the brain also looks very materialistic The human body could also be thought of in material terms just like how everyone thought that the external world including animals were atoms interacting; there was nothing spiritual about animals and then they began to think that humans fall into that category too The notion that came from Mullers work that it really looks like the body as a whole is composed of basic wiring (neural tissue) and a lot of these signals that control behaviour come from the brain so people started to think if the brain was a machine or some spiritual entity The implications of Mullers work were confirmed by ablation studies performed by Pierre Florens (1774-1867)...the result of removing part of the brain depends on which part is removed Ablation research: Take animals and put them through tests (auditory, visual etc) and then surgically remove part of the animals brain. For example; if you remove the cortical region (back of the head); they would behave as though they were blind even though their optic track was fine and so were their eyes. It started a notion; The brain is composed of localized functions, so the specific parts of the brain seem to do specific things. Paul Broca (1824-1880) was the first to apply this logic to humans when he performed an autopsy on a stroke victim and claimed to find the speech centre o
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