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Chapter 1

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Steve Joordens

Chapter 1 Notes Psychologyscientific study of mind and behaviouro Mindprivate inner experiencestream of consciousnesso Behaviourobservable actions of human beings and nonhuman animalsthings we do in the outer world What are the bases of perceptions thoughts memories and feelings or our subjective sense of self o Psychologists know that all of our subjective experiences arise from the electrical and chemical activities that take place in our brain fMRIfunctional magnetic resonance imagingscans the brain to see which parts are active while performing certain activitieso Egtrained pianists have less activity than the novices in the areas of the brain that control finger movemento This shows that extensive practice causes the brain to function more efficientlyHow does the mind usually allow us to function effectively in the worldo Function of mind is to help us do those things that sophisticated animals have to do in order to prospero Psychological processes are adaptivethey promote the welfare and reproduction of the organisms Perceptionhelps us recognize faces see predators before they see us avoid stumbling into oncoming traffic Languageorganizes our thoughts and allows us to communicate them Memoryallows us to not solve the same problem over and over again and keep in mind what we are doing and whyEmotionsallow us to quickly react to events that hold significancefunction as signals that tell us when we are putting ourselves in harm People with lack of these psychological processes have a hard timeo Case of Elliotturned from a responsible hard working man to someone who made extremely bad decisions and could not experience emotions anymore after his surgery of the brain tumour Why does the mind occasionally function so ineffectively in the world o Our mind is like a machine and hence is not accurate enough which creates bugs in the systemo We are all prone to a variety of errors and illusions If our actions thoughts feelings were all the same then human behaviour would be very orderly predictable and dullOur mind has mental lapses which are a result of absentmindednesso Egon leaving the room to go to the kitchen I turned off the lights although several people were in the roomo William called these lapses a result of absentmindedness
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