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Chapter 5

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CHAPTER 5CONSCIOUSNESSConsciousnessa persons subjective experience of the world and mindAltered states of consciousnessintoxication hypnosis medicationCONSCIOUS AND UNCONSCIOUS What are the great mysteries of consciousness Psychologists have a tough time grasping the subjective perspectives of people they study Phenomenologyhow things seem to the conscious peon in their understanding of mind and behaviour Mysteries of Consciousness Problem of other mindsthe fundamental difficulty we have in perceiving the consciousness of others MindBody Problemthe issue of how the mind is related to the brain and the bodyRen Descartes human body is a machine made of matter but human mind or soul is a separate entity of a thinking substance o Proposed that the mind has its effect on the body through the pineal gland Mental events are intimately tied to brain events such that every thought perception or feeling is associated with a particular pattern of activation or neurons in the brain Studies suggest that the brain activities precede the activities of the conscious mind The Timing of Conscious Will a In Benjamin Libets experiments the participant was asked to move fingers at will while simultaneously watching a dot move around the face of a clock to mark the moment at which the action was consciously willed Meanwhile EEG sensors timed the onset of brain activation and EMG sensors timed the muscle movement b The experiment showed that brain activity EEG precedes the willed movement of the finger EMG but that the reported time of consciously willing the finger to move follows the brain activityWhat comes first brain activity or thinkingThe brain begins to show electrical activity around half a second before voluntary action 535msec Brain also started to show electrical activity before the persons conscious decision to moveBrain becomes active more than 300msec before participants report they are consciously trying to moveo Your brain is getting started before either the thinking or the doing preparing the way for both thought and action The Nature of Consciousness 4 Basic Properties of ConsciousnessIntentionalitythe quality of being directed toward an objectUnityresistance to divisionSelectivitythe capacity to include some objects but not others Consciousness filters out some info but can also work to tune in other infoo Cocktail party phenomenonpeople tune in one message even while they filter out others nearby Transiencetendency to changeo The mind wanders incessantly from one right now to the next right now
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