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Chapter 4

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Steve Joordens

Chapter 4 Notes synesthesia(共感覺,副感覺): the perceptual experience of one sense that is evoked by another sense. sensation: simple stimulation of a sense organ. perception: the organization, identification, and interpretation of a sensation in order to form a mental representation. transduction: what takes place when many sensors in a body convert physical signals form the environment into encoded neural signals sent to the central nervous system. psychophysics: methods that measure the strength of a stimulus and the observer’s sensitivity to that stimulus. absolute threshold: the minimal intensity needed to just barely detect a stimulus. signal detection theory: the response to a stimulus depends both on a person’s sensitivity to the stimulus in the presence of noise and on a person’s decision criterion. sensory adaptation: sensitivity to prolonged stimulation tends to decline over time as an organism adapts to current conditions. visual acuity: the ability to see fine detail. retina: light-sensitive tissue lining the back of the eyeball. three properties of light waves: length for color, amplitude for brightness
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