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1.1 The Science Of Psychology PSYA10, November 24, 2013 SUMMARY DEFINITIONS - Scientific theories generate hypotheses, which are specific and Anthropomorphism – act of testable predictions. If a hypothesis is confirmed, a new hypothesis treating objects or animals like may stem from it and the original receives added support. If the people hypothesis is rejected, the original may be modifies and retested or Psychology – the scientific study the original theory may be modified and retested. of behavior, thought and - Scientific literacy answers mainly four questions. experience What do we know about this? (Knowledge gathering) Scientific Method – a way of Why is this relevant? (Application) learning about the world Can we critically evaluate the evidence? (Critical thinking) through collecting observations, How can science explain it? (Scientific explanation) proposing explanations for the - Critical Thinking involves exercising curiosity and skeptism when observations, developing evaluating the claims of others and with our own assumptions and theories to explain them and beliefs using the theories to make - Critical thinking Steps predictions. 1. Being curious Hypothesis – testable prediction 2. Examining evidence about processes that can be 3. Examining assumptions and biases observed and measured. 4. Avoid
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