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PSYA01 November 24, 2013 1.2 How Psychology Became a Science DEFINITIONS Materials Empiricism – philosophical tenet that knowledge comes through Nullam dignissim interdum est vitae experience. fermentum. Determinism - is the belief that all events are governed by lawful,  Morbi id sem a sem convallis cause and effect relationships gravida sed quis leo. Zeitgeist – refers to a general set of beliefs of a particular culture at  Etiam at volutpat mauris. a specific time in history. German word meaning “spirit of the  Donec eget congue augue. times” Materialism – the belief that humans, and other living beings are Other Resources composed only of physical matter Sed sagittis massa eu risus pretium Dualism – belief that humans are not only physical matter (a mind molestie tempor elit cursus. or soul separate from the body) Pellentesque sodales, diam sit amet laoreet vehicula, neque neque Psychophysics – the study of the relationship between the physical world and the mental representation of that world consectetur leo, quis hendrerit purus quam eget nisi. Quisque non Clinical Psychology – the field of psychology concentrates on the vestibulum sem. diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders Ut eget lacus id felis pellentesque Psychoanalysis – is a psychological approach that attempts to rutrum. In hendrerit lacinia tempus. explain how behavior and personality are influenced by unconscious Aenean in odio id mauris dapibus processes. ultrices at in arcu. Phasellus
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