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Chapter 06

Chapter 06 - Perception

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Steve Joordens

Chapter 06 Perception Brain MechanismsOf Visual Percepiton N Perception a rapid, automatic, unconscious processby which we rec ognize what is represented by the infrmation provided by our sense organs o Its a rapid, aumatic, unconsciousprocess; it ist a deliberate, f rtful activity; we simply perceiveit o The distinction between sensation and perceptoin is not easy; foome sensory systems,suchaspa in and our vestibular sense,the distinction isitrary, since they help us to react rther than to provie a representati n of the world rund us N Visual perception isoften described asa hierarchy oi formation processing o Circuits of neuons analyze particular aspectsof visual infortion and send theresults of their analysist another circuit, rviding further nalysis, evaluatingmore complex features The higher levelinteracts withmemories; the viewer recognizesfamiliar objects and learns the appearance of thenew, unfamiliarones N The primary visual ortex was studiedby David Hubel an d Torsten Wiesel, who inserted microelectrodes inot various regions of the visualsystem of catsand monkeys todetect the action potentials rduced by individua l neurons o They concluded that th e surface of e retina is mapped on the surfaceof the primary visual cortex, atlhough this map is torted, with the largest amount of area givento the centre of thevisual field, whereour vision isecise The map is like a osaic; it is made of many odules N Module a block of cortical tissue thatceives information from the same group of recepo tr cells N Each module containsapproximately 150,00 0 neurons, andthe primary visual cortex contains aproximately2500 of thesemodules o Receptive field that portion of thevisual field in ih the presentationof avisual stimuli will produe an alteration inthe firing rateof a particular rnuo N Although the prmi ary visual cortei necessaryof r visual percepi n, the percepiton of objects and of the totalityof the visual scene esplace in the visual associi n cortex N Circuits of neons in the pri ary visual cortexanalyze particularaspects ofvisual informai n and send the resultsof their analysisto the other ciits, which perform futrher analysis o Neurons in the prim ary visual cot x send axons tothe region of the visualassociation cortex that surounds the striate cortex, and thenthe visual associain cortex divides into two pathways Ventral stream the flow of infomation from the prmi ary visual cortexto the visual association ra in the lower tmporal lobe; usedto form the percepto in of an objects shap, colour, and ori ntation (the at system) N Perception of fom o Recognition of patterns and identiiation of objectstakes place in the inferior teoral cortex; and itsthere that thnalyses of form and colour re put together and pecreptions of 3D objects emerge www.notesolution.com
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