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Chapter 7

Textbook Chapter 7

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Steve Joordens

Psychology Chapter 7: Learning and Behaviour -Learning: an adaptive process in which the tendency to perform a particular behaviour is changed by experience -Performance: the behavioural change produced by the internal changes brought about by learning -Scientists look at performance to decide if learning has taken place Habituation: -Orienting Response: any response by which an organism directs appropriate sensory organs (eyes, ears, nose) toward the source of a novel stimulus -Habituation: simplest form of learning: learning not to respond to an unimportant event that occurs repeatedly -George Humphrey: wrote a textbook on this topic and did an experiment on land snails. Studied with Wundt. Classical Conditioning: -involves the learning about the conditions that predict that a significant event will occur -ex. mouth watering when thinking or smelling favourite foods Pavlovs Serendipitous Discovery: -his main ambition was to discover the neural mechanisms controlling glandular secretion during digestion -Classical Conditioning: process by which a response normally elicited by one stimulus (the unconditional stimulus or UCS) comes to be controlled by another stimulus (the conditional stimulus or CS) as well www.notesolution.com
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