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Chapter 6

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Steve Joordens

Chapter6Learning61ClassicalConditioningLearningLearningprocess by which behavior or knowledge changes as a result of experienceExperience plays a major role in enabling us to do things we werent born to doCognitive learningtaking tests in order to acquire new informationPAVLOVSDOGSCLASSICALCONDITIONINGOFSALIVATIONPavlov studied digestion using dogs as a model speciesNoticed that as they prepared the dogs for the procedures even before any meat powder was presented the dogs would start salivatingDigestive responses were more than just simple reflexes in response to foodoPerhaps the salivary response can also be learnedpsychic secretionsPavlov conducted experiments where he would present a sound from a metronome and then present meat powder to the dogsAfter pairing several times Pavlov discovered that the metronome by itself could elicit salivationClassical conditioninglearning that occurs when a neutral stimulus elicits a response that was originally caused by another stimulusPavlovneutral stimulus was the sound of the toneStimulusexternal event or cue that elicits a responseUnconditioned stimulus USstimulus that elicits a reflexive response without learningUnconditionedcan elicit a response without learningUnconditioned response URreflexive unlearned reaction to an unconditioned stimulusMeat powder elicited unconditioned salivation in the dogsLink between US and UR is unlearned
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