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Chapter 10

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Steve Joordens

Chapter10LifeSpanDevelopment101MethodsConceptsandPrenatalDevelopmentDevelopmental psychologyis the study of change and stability of human physical cognitive social and behavioral characteristics across the life spanNeuroscientists examine changes in the nervous system that occur even before birth and track them all the way through old ageMeasuringDevelopmentalTrendsMethodsandPatternsMethodsofmeasuringdevelopmentCrosssectional designused to measure and compare samples of people at different ages at a given point in timeCompare people of different age groupsLongitudinal designfollows the development of the same set of individuals through timeCrosssectional design has the advantage of convenienceCohort effectsconsequences of being born in a particular year or narrow range of yearsLongitudinal studies avoid these problemsPatternsofdevelopmentstagesandcontinuitySeries of stages model that views development as a progression of abrupt transitions in physical or mental skills followed by slower more gradual changeStages represent a shift in the type of abilitiesDevelopmental milestones of motor developmentAdults change at a slower steadier paceGradual or continuous changesComplex interactions between genetics and childrearing environment are constantly determining developmental processesTheimportanceofsensitiveperiodsTiming is everything
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