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Chapter 4

Chapter 4

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Steve Joordens

Chapter 4 The Biology of Behaviour Structure of the Nervous System Central Nervous System brain and spinal cord Spinal Cord attaches brain to spinal cord Nerves transmits information from brain to organs Peripheral Nervous System sensory system Cranial nerves sensory information from head to muscles Spinal nerve sensory information from body to muscles brain stem stem of brain cerebral hemispheres covered by cerebral cortex cerebellum under central hemispheres; controls movements vertebra encase spinal cord meninges layers of membrane that protect the brain cerebrospinal fluid liquid in the area of brain blood-brain barrier barrier between blood and brain prevents other substances reaching brain cerebral cortex outer layer of cerebral hemispheres grey matter contains cells, not much complexity white matter axons; complex thinking the more wrinkled the brain, the more brain tissue Cells of the nervous system Neurons sensory information, stores memories; dendrites and axon Glia support for neurons, provides nutrients and protection Dendrites receives messages Dendritic spines surface of dendrites Soma cell body; largest part of neuron; controls cell; receives information from neurons Axon carries message from soma to other cells Terminal buttons secretes neurotransmitters Neurotransmitter chemical message passed down from one neuron to another Myelin fat that is a jelly so messages dont get mixed up; increases speed of messages The Excitable Axon: The Action Potential Action potential electrical charge starting the transmission of a message Ion positive or negative; in water Ion channel entry or exit of ion Ion transporter transports ion in or out of cell All-or-none law once an action goes through, it has to go through Sensory neurons external or environmental changes; notifies the CNS Motor neurons nerve to axon; muscles www.notesolution.com
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