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Chapter 7

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Steve Joordens

CH7 Memory 71 memory systems Memory a collection of several systems that store information in different forms for differing amounts of time The AtkinsonShiffrin Model Three memory stores Control processes shift information from one memory store to anotherArrow in the pictureStores retain information in memory without using it for any specific purposeSensory memoryVision hearing and other senses The control process attention selects which information will pass on to STMA memory store that accurately holds perceptual information for a very brief amount of time Iconicmemoryvisual one half to one second Whole report George SperlingHow many letters that participants can rememberPartial report Condition to test this assumptionThe display is followed immediately by a tone that is randomly chosen to be low medium or high Report the corresponding linebottom middle or topRecalled from memory iconic sensory memory holds images long enough to provide smooth continuous perceptions Echoic memory auditoryheld for considerably longer 5 seconds A functions to hold information long enough for us to determine what to pay attention toShortterm memory STMEncoding the process of storing information in the LTM system A memory store with limited capacity and duration less than a minuteLongterm memory LTMRetrieval brings information from LTM back into STMA memory store that holds information for extended periods of time if not permanently Btw STM and LTM
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