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Chapter 2Five characteristics of quality scientific research 1 Reduce bias 2 Present in public 3 Replication 4 Objective reliability and valid 5 generalizedGeneralizability is a set of results that can be applied to other situations individualsPopulation is the group that researchers want to generalize about Sample is a select group of population membersRandom sample every individual of within population being included in the experimentsConvenience sample individuals who are readily availableEcological validity is the degree to which the results of a laboratory study can be applied to or repeated in the natural environmentHawthorne effect used to describe situations in which behavior changes as a result of being observed Example If ur a thief you will not steal when the police is thereDemand characteristics is a hint or cue given to the participants by the experimentersPlacebo effect improvements because youve expected to improveSingle blind study when the participants dont know the purpose of the studytreatment So here subject is blind to the study Prof and research assistances know but participants dont knowDouble blind study when participants or experimenter doesnt know the purpose of the treatmentstudy Ex prof k
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