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Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 MemoryMemory systemsMemory is a collection of several systems that store information in different formsAtkinsonShiffrin Model pg 237 to see modeloThree memory stores store is something that keeps information in memorySensory memory info from vision hearing other sensesIconic memory is from sight held in memory for half to one secondEchoic memory is from hearing held in memory for up to 5 secondsExperiment whole report and partial report conditions pg 237Shortterm memory STM storage with limited capacity and stored for less than a minuteLong term memory LTM storage of information for a long time if not permanently associated with hippocampusoControl processes shift information from one store to anotherAttention moves info from sensory memory to STMEncoding storing STM into LTMRetrieval moving info from LTM back to STM happens when you become aware of existing memories such as what you did last weekendSerial position effect memory is better for things that happened in the beginning primacy effect and at the end recency effect but lower that for those in the middle Example you remember the person who did a presentation first and the person who did it last but not the people in the middle You remember the first items because they begin to enter your long term memory they produce proactive interference which blocks other information from entering long term memoryYou remember the last items because they are still in your short term memory they produce retroactive interference which overshadows older memories that are not in your long term memory yet
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