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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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Steve Joordens

September 15, 2010 Chapter 1 The science of Psychology Philosophical Roots of Psychology Parents of psychology biology and philosophy Intelligence loses its validity when it is explained. Like magic when it is explained its still interesting but not as powerful. People give souls to anything. When we understand something better, the magical feeling or its soul disappears. Dualistic Philosophy: Human behavior is distinct of two different behaviors. (Rene Descartes) Rene started to believe that we were a machine. A highly complex machine more like a puppet. John Locke Pushed the boundaries of Descartes, said we were a complex set of chemicals reacting to do the things we do, not a soul. If its just physical matter reacting then we can control it scientifically, but if it was soul it cannot be controlled or researched. In psychology, you need proof, meaning you need to make a prediction and prove it is accurate. Investigate to prove you are right. Empiricism Hard and soft sciences, psychology is considered to be softer, this is because of how to get a answer, in harder sciences you can get a hard concrete answer where as in psychology you cannot get that clear cut concrete answer. Studying memory or the mind can never be clear-cut. All sciences are sciences if they are predicting and testing their prediction. Locke also suggested an emphasis on the process of learning, he strongly argued a lot of who we are and who we become is a di
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