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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Notes - Part Five

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Steve Joordens

Cells located above the photoreceptors transparent Photoreceptors respond to light and pass the info on by means of a neurotransmitter to the bipolar cells Bipolar cells: neuron in retina that receives info from receptors and passes it on to the ganglion cells, from which axons proceed through the optic nerves to the brain Ganglion cell: neuron in the retina that receives info from bipolar cells from which axons proceed through the optic nerves to the brain Visual information passes through a 3 cell chain to the brain: Photoreceptor -> Bipolar cell -> Ganglion cell -> brain Human retina contains 2 types of photoreceptors: 1 Rods (125 million): function mainly in dim light; very sensitive to light, but are insensitive to differences between colours (cannot detect changes in hues) 2 Cones (6 million): function when the level of illumination is bright enough to see things clearly; responsible for colour vision Fovea: small pit in the back of the retina that contains only cones (1 mm in diameter); res
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