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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Notes - Part Eight

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Steve Joordens

These bones act together, in lever fashion, to transmit the vibrations of the eardrum to the fluid-filled structure of the inner ear that contains the receptive organ Cochlea: a snail-shaped chamber set in bone in the inner ear, where auditory transduction takes place The vestibule (a bony chamber attached to the cochlea) contains 2 openings, the oval window, and the round window The stirrup presses against a membrane behind an opening in the bone surrounding the cochlea called the oval window Transmitting sound waves into the liquid inside the cochlea, where it can reach the receptive organ for hearing Cochlea is divided into 3 chambers by 2 membranes 1) Basilar membrane: one of 2 membranes that divide the cochlea of the inner ear into 3 components; the receptive organ for audition resides here Basilar membrane can vibrate freely only if the fluid in the lower chamber of the cochlea has somewhere to go Free space is provided by the round window Auditory hair cells transduce mechanical energy caused by the flexing of the b
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