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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Notes - Part Nine

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Steve Joordens

Large, solid objects cast a sound shadow; just as opaque objects cast a shadow in the sunlight If a source on your right produces a high-frequency sound, your right ear will receive more intense stimulation than your left ear will The brain uses this difference to calculate the location of the source of the sound When the source of a sound is located to the side of the head, axons in the right and left auditory nerves will fire at different times Initial processing occurs in the brain stem in a region known as the superior olive Stimulation involving different temporal discrepancies activates different regions of a the superior olive Older listeners show smaller MLDs (masking level difference) than younger listeners Older listeners will find it difficult to follow a conversation in a noisy environment We have 2 senses specialized for detecting chemicals in our environment: taste and smell (chemosenses) Gustation (taste): is the simplest of the sense modalities The tongue has papillae: small bumps on the tongue that contain a group of taste buds Taste bud: small organ that c
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