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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

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Steve Joordens

Chapter 6 PerceptionThe primary function of sense organs it to provide information to guide behavior but it needs the help of our brain to properly perceive these objectsPerception is the process by which we recognize what is represented by the information provided by our sense organsRapid and automatic for usWe can describe the elements we see but usually perception of the element comes first before the descriptions if we have previous knowledge about this objectAwareness of visual perception comes after the finished product is presented or completed aka we can perceive a painting when it is doneThe Brain Mechanisms of Visual PerceptionIt is described as a hierarchy of information processingCircuits of neurons analyze particular aspects of visual information and send the results of that analysis to another circuit and it performs another analysis As we move it can analyze more and more complex featuresThis process leads to a perception of the sceneOn a higher level the perceptual process interacts with memoryThe Primary Visual cort
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