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PSYA01 Ch 1

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Steve Joordens

Ch 1 The Science of Psychology 227Psychology the scientific study of the causes of bhvrthe application of the findings for the solution to psychological problems the purpose of psych is to understand human behvr Causal Event an event that causes another event to happen an event responsible for a behvrs occurrence is the causeworld conflicts poverty terrorism crime is the product of human behvrPsychological Research AreasPhysiological Psych examines the physiological basis of behvr w the nervous system in particular eg drug abuse activates a part in the brain that produces a pleasurable reactionboth fields study inherited behvral patterns Comparative Psych studies the bhvr of a variety of organisms in an attempt to understand the adaptivefunctional significance of the bhvrstheir relation to evolution Behvr analysis examines the effect of envt on behvr interest lies in learningmotivationthe likelihood of a behvr to be repeated is based on its outcome Behaviour geneticsexamines the role of genetics on bhvr the genes inherited include a blueprint designed to map ones brainCognitive Psych studies complex bhvrsmental processes perception attention learningmemory verbal bhvr concept formationproblem solvingCognitive Neuroscience studies cognitive psychological functions by studying the brain mechanisms responsible for themDevelopmental Psych studies the changes in bhvrl perceptualcognitive capacities of organisms as they ageexperienceSocial Psych examines the effects ppl have on each others bhvr perception human interactions interpersonal relsh group dynamics emotional behvrs are exploredPersonality Psych attempts to categorizeunderstand the causes of individual differences in bhvr examines individual temperamentsbehvrl patternsEvolutionary Psych explains bhvr in terms of adaptive advantages that specific bhvrs provided during the evolution of a species natural selection is used as a guiding principletheir task is to trace the dvlpt of the differences between our species and their ancestorsto explore how their adaptive advantages may explain the bhvrs of modern humansstudy the influence of natural selection on bhvrCrosscultural Psych examines the impact of culture on psych ancestors of different racial people resided in different envtscaused people to adapt eg customs lawsClinical Psych investigationtreatment of abnormal bhvrpsychological disorders Philosophical Roots of Psych
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